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Editing service for non-fiction writers

Lexicon Marketing: here to help you to write and self-publish your business book

I’m Mark Beaumont-Thomas, owner of Lexicon Marketing.

I love books and I understand the power of books. I enjoy working with authors on their journey, helping them to achieve their dream of publishing a business book which fulfils their original vision.

I love this so much that I have now focused Lexicon Marketing on this one service of helping people to write and publish business books. Established in 2007, I have been editing books and helping businesses with written content for well over a decade.

So, what qualifies me to help you to write your book?

Let’s start with the name of my business, Lexicon Marketing:


Here’s the Wikipedia definition: “A lexicon is the vocabulary of a person, language, or branch of knowledge.” So, it’s not just words, it’s YOUR words, the way you talk about your “branch of knowledge”. This is critical to everything I do when working with you. With over a dozen years’ experience of writing for and about a wide range of businesses, I understand the importance of register, tone and of adopting appropriate language for your audience and market sector. I take a keen interest in business issues across all industries, and so, if working in your world, I'm a quick learner + I can draw on 40-plus years of business experience in the corporate world and as a business owner.


Your book is of no real value if no-one is aware of it. So, as well as helping you to write your book, I can help with all aspects of marketing your business book. 30 years in sales, marketing and general management in large corporate businesses has given me a broad range of marketing experience. Since 2007, I’ve built on that by marketing my own business and all that commercial experience feeds into how I can help you.

As my logo symbolises, let me wrap the L of Lexicon and the M of Marketing around your book

A love of books

This is an obvious point, but it matters. Ever since school and choosing to study English literature as my degree at Sheffield University in the ‘70s, I have read books: fiction, biographies, books on music (these have become a bit of an obsession), business books, books on issues of the day, all sorts.

This interest in books translates into enthusiasm for your book project. As your editor, I will approach it first and foremost as a reader – what will keep people turning the pages?

Let’s have a chat

Writing a book is not a quick process. As a result, the relationship between author and editor becomes quite involved. There’s a need for trust and understanding, built up over time.

It all starts though with a chat, to explore working together. Let’s talk on the phone, have a Zoom call or meet up - that’s easy if you’re in the Yorkshire or Derbyshire area, as I live in Sheffield.

To start that process, use the Contact form to get in touch.