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Help in selling your book

So, you’ve written your book, or are writing it now, and are planning to self-publish – now what??

How are people going to find out about your book?

You have written your book to help other people benefit from your knowledge and expertise, so it’s important to show them how it will help them and where they can buy a copy. SO many books are appearing every day, so how can you secure attention and interest in yours?

This can be tricky… until now.

Rather than you having to figure all this out, we now offer a tried and tested programme, using social media, which creates awareness of your book and then converts awareness to interest and interest into sales or pre-sales. We create a sales funnel for your book, all for a great value package price. It’s never too early to be promoting your book! Create interest and pre-sales before it is published and then there will be a real buzz about your book from day one.

A lead generation campaign for your book

I have teamed up with Karolyn Gamble at Dream BIG Digital Marketing to provide a complete 'done for you' service on Facebook (plus Instagram if required). Karolyn will work directly with you to create a lead generation programme that reaches your target readership.

The lead generation campaign for your book includes these elements:

  • A Facebook page for your book, linked to your Facebook account.
  • A payment gateway, linked to the Facebook page, making it easy for people to buy your book direct from you.
  • An email autoresponder, linked to the page, ensuring that prospects and clients receive an immediate follow-up from you.
  • A Facebook ad account is set up for you. An ad campaign for your book is written, published and managed on your behalf.
  • We recommend the inclusion of a 'lead magnet' device as part of the ad campaign. This is something of value, relevant to your book, that you give away for free to potential readers. This could be, for example, a sample chapter, or top 10 tips related to the book's content.
  • An agreed method of fulfilment of book orders is agreed with you and integrated into the campaign.

Campaign timings

This whole campaign can be set up in four weeks. There are some elements we will need you to provide ie outline text and visuals for your book + we recommend that you create a video of you, as the author, talking about your book. We can advise you on what works best for all these parts of the campaign.

The initial Facebook ad campaign runs for a four week period. Full analysis of the ads reach and conversion is provided.

To find out more about our book promo service and the package prices, please use our contact form.