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Editing service for non-fiction writers

All the help you need when writing, publishing and marketing a non-fiction book

The unique power of books

During childhood and at school, we are taught to respect books as objects and this becomes ingrained in us as adults – when have you ever thrown away a book? You may give books away, but you wouldn’t chuck them in the recycling bin. As a result, the artefact of a published book has special power as a marketing tool for you and your business.

In recent years there has been a welcome swing back to printed books. An e-book version may be an important add-on as part of your project, but it is the book that people can pick up, write notes in and have on their office shelf that really gets noticed and used. If you’re a business coach or a speaker, there is nothing better than signing books at the back of the room as the finale to an event.

So, time to get writing… but where to start?

Lexicon Marketing can help you in these five areas:

1 Support & guidance

It can be difficult to be objective about the quality of your book, before, during and after the (often lonely) writing process. And the default reaction from friends and family will be to tell you that it’s great, acutely aware of the time and effort you’ve put in.

As an outsider, I'll be an honest sounding-board, giving you a clear-eyed view of your manuscript, delivering (where necessary) tough love as feedback and being supportive throughout the writing process. I can work with you to draw up an agreed schedule, including chapter deadlines, production dates and a launch plan.

My proven Getting Started package can help you to develop the themes, direction and structure of your book. Download my Book Structure Template to help to clarify the overall structure of your book. To help to clarify your thinking on the purpose and themes of your book, download my Getting Started pdf.

2 Editing & proofreading

Here is where I get into the content of your book. I can work with a manuscript you’ve written, editing this and proofreading it. Or, if you just have nothing more than a great idea for a book, I can work with you through the entire writing process.

Advice on structure, narrative arc and transitions

Your business book may start life as a series of ideas from various blogs and articles. I can help you to rework these by creating thematic links and adding a structure to your ideas so that a satisfying narrative arc runs through the book. Use my Book Structure Template to help you get started.

Help with boring old grammar

The authority and credibility of your book can be undermined by poor grammar and typos. You will be too close to your own text to be able to proofread it in any reliable way. I will find the errors you have missed and can polish your phrasing, while keeping intact your tone of voice.

Adding colour and detail

I can prompt you to uncover and expand illustrative anecdotes, as any book is improved by including great stories. With 40 years' varied experience in commercial life, working for large corporates and being self-employed, I can offer an informed opinion on your business ideas and concepts. I’m a quick learner about any business sector/issue and can collaborate with you at a detailed level.

3 Cover & content design

The cover design is critical to the success of your book. It really is worth investing in a cover design which conveys the message and purpose of your book in an impactful and professional way. All too often, self-published books are let down, not by the content, but by the cover design.

The contents of your book need the eye of a designer on them too. There are so many choices you need to make: font, title designs, chapter headings, the use of break-out quotations, illustrations and line drawings. Cumulatively, these make your book easier to read, more attractive to the reader and help to clarify and illustrate its content. With business books in particular, this can be vital.

I work closely with Sam Pearce at Swatt Books, who has a team of designers available for book cover and content design and for every aspect of self-publishing, see below.

You can either contact Sam direct or I can arrange an introductory conversation. Please mention my name, Mark Beaumont-Thomas, if you speak to her.

4 Self-publishing advice

OK, so your book is now at the stage of having been written and it has a cover and fully typeset contents. You now need to get the book produced, launched and marketed.

Self-publishing is the way to go. Going down the route of traditional publishing will involve a long, slow, painful process of pitching your book to a business book publisher and joining the queue of thousands of authors waiting to get noticed and published.

You will wait a long time.

Far better to take control of your own destiny and self-publish your book. With the right specialist advice and expertise, you can be a self-published Amazon business book bestselling author more quickly and painlessly than you ever thought possible.

That’s where Sam Pearce at Swatt Books comes in again. Sam will guide you through the whole process and offer you a choice of packages to suit the plans you have for your book… and your budget.

If you’d like some more detailed information about the stages you need to go through to self-publish your book, then apply to download Sam’s excellent pdf guide, ‘How to Self-publish in 12 Easy Steps’. This gives you a perfect overview of what is involved in self-publishing your book.

If you’d like more detailed information and advice, you need to buy a copy of Sam’s book, ‘Stress Free Self-Publishing’. I am proud to have been involved with this book as its editor and proofreader.

As with the design aspect, I can organise an introduction to Swatt Books. I will still be with you right through the whole process, assisting in every aspect of the process. I become invested in the books I work on, keen to ensure that they end up as successful books out in a crowded marketplace.

5 Selling your book

Writing and publishing your book is only the start of the journey! You now need to make people aware of it, and sell it online. I have teamed up with Karolyn Gamble at Dream BIG Digital Marketing to provide a complete 'done for you' service on Facebook (plus Instagram if required). Karolyn will work directly with you to create a lead generation programme that reaches your target readership. Find out more

With my support at every stage of your book’s journey, you can harness the unique power of a published book as a marketing tool for you and your business.

To find out more, use the Contact form to get in touch.