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Meet me at networking events

Meet me at a networking event, online or in-the-room

I reckon that business networking meetings are the best place to meet people who may be interested in writing a business book. It’s also where I have met and teamed up with the fantastic partners, Swatt Books and  I use to help me to deliver the complete Lexicon Marketing book service.

I've been a Passport member of 4Networking since 2007, which, in my opinion, provides the best business networking in the UK. With its relaxed and friendly Meet > Like > Know > Trust ethos and the ability to use its joined-up network to visit any meeting right across the UK, it has been a key part of the success of Lexicon Marketing.

I set up and ran the first 4Networking group in Sheffield when I moved there in 2009 and have been a team member in various roles for different groups for many years.

Between 2015 and 2109 I was privileged to be the Marketing Manager for 4Networking nationally. In this role I provide a complete spectrum of marketing services. I stepped down from that role to focus on Lexicon Marketing.

I have 4Sight presentations booked at various 4Networking meetings. These are “insights, not sales pitches” and I’ve delivered dozens of these over the years, on topics as varied as cycling from Land’s End to John O’Groats, David Bowie, how to get the best from networking, and a number of different 4Sights on the topic of writing a book.

My latest presentation is:

The World has Changed... Forever!
How to write the first post-Covid book about your sector

It can be argued that every business book written before 2020 is now, to some extent, out of date. The world needs new guidance to navigate the post-Covid world, and so you could write the first newly-relevant book about your sector! I show you how in this new 4Sight.

I’d love to see you at any of the networking events, online or in-the-room, where I’m presenting this.

"An excellent talk. Thanks Mark for sharing your insights on writing books. Lots of inspiration." Rob Beadle, copywriter

"What an amazing 4Sight it was. Very inspiring through these challenging times on how best to make great use of our time." Mary Wright, Mary Wright & Co

"After today’s 4N online networking 4Sight from Mark Beaumont-Thomas from Lexicon Marketing, I have felt inspired to just write! Thank you, I have written loads this evening so it was a great nudge!" Lisa Artliff, Artliff Design