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Powerful marketing tool


Your book can be your most powerful marketing tool

I’ve already talked about why writing a book is a great idea, as it creates the ultimate showcase for your expertise.

But to label a business book as the most powerful marketing tool you can have in your business, well, that’s a bold claim. What, more than my website, my social media presence, my speaking engagements, my videos?

Yes, more powerful than all of those. Why? Because of the unique power of books.

The artefact of a published book has special power as a marketing tool for you and your business. Books have a built-in authority to them: “You’ve written a book about it? You must know your subject extremely well.” This is a common reaction from prospective readers. People understand the amount of time and resources needed to write, get published and market a book. They immediately appreciate the depth of research, focus and detail which constitutes a completed book on any given topic. This halo effect is there to be exploited, but not abused.

The fact that your business topic, issue or experience warrants a whole book means in the prospective reader’s mind that you must have something worthwhile, interesting and original to say.

That’s a big responsibility.

Just as with any long-form piece of expression, such as a music album or a feature film, a book generates a certain level of expectation the first time it is read/listened to/watched. If that anticipation turns into a let-down (certain Star Wars movies and er, any Rolling Stones’ albums since the ‘70s, I’m looking at you), then any goodwill soon turns sour.

So, use the power of a book wisely. But if you can harness it, look where it could take you. If you’re a business speaker at seminars, exhibitions, networking events or on video, what could be a better way to capitalise on the interest generated than to make available a signed copy of your book, at the back of the room or in the post?

If you’re a business coach, what better way to signify that you can walk the walk and talk the talk than having a book in YOUR name rather than just citing the business gurus you admire?

If your business or your job demands a high level of detailed expertise, then a book where you lay that out in detail is the best advert/CV you can have: SEO, insurance, tax, photography, networking, health and safety; there are as many potential topics out there as there are businesses and services.

So, think about what you know and in which way you would like more people to discover your expertise. It could just be that writing a book is your next move.