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Why you should write a business book


What’s the main thing you are selling in your business? It’s your expertise.

If you’re employed, this is what is of most value to your employer, with often that expertise built up through years and years of experience. If you’re self-employed and running your own business, your confidence in your level of expertise is probably the reason you felt empowered to break free and set up on your own or with a group of other like-minded people.

You may link selling your expertise to selling a product or service that is the embodiment of that expertise: bookkeeping, tax advice, SEO, websites, graphic design, social media, health and beauty products, fitness instructor; the list is endless.

Alternatively, it could be that your expertise IS the service, pure and simple. For example, if you’re a business coach, you are selling your knowledge and your business experience. You want to pass on to other business owners and start-ups the best ways to run and develop a successful business.

In every case, your motivation will be to help others, to earn a living from your hard-earned expertise, to keep learning and updating your own knowledge, and ultimately to be THE expert in your field.

Being THE expert or at least AN expert in your field – that is a goal that everyone can get a buzz from. But it only really works as a goal if other people can see and recognise that you’re an expert.

And that’s where writing a business book comes in.

There are a growing number of ways in which you can be seen to be an expert: being a speaker at networking events, exhibitions and conferences; creating YouTube or Facebook videos; posting on social media; writing articles in newspapers, magazines and industry journals; writing a book.

Writing a business book

This is at the end of the list because it is the ultimate expression of your expertise. We’re talking about a minimum of 35,000 words, with a sweet-spot of about 50,000 words, spread across probably about a dozen chapters, with each one covering a key aspect of your expertise.

How you go about starting to write a book can feel like a daunting prospect. If you'd like some help with how to get started, take a look at this blog: Write about What?  

And what your book then gives you is also covered here: A business book: Your Most Powerful Marketing Tool.

So, time to get started on that book…